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          Hello! Welcome to Suzhou Anke Zhongda Purifying Technology Co.,ltd.! HOME | Add favorites | English | 中文版
          CONTACT US
          For more details, please consult
          CONTACT:Mr zhang
          Or leave a message for us

          Company is composed of various professional and technical personnel experienced after-sales service team, able to timely and effective solutions to customers in the shortest possible time in the project using the problems, it is in the company for 20 years has been adhering to the "service first" philosophy, has won a good reputation for the company, with a large number of fixed customers.

          Address: suzhou high-tech zone Jin Shanlu number 198
          Telephone: 0512-68240292 68249823
          After-sales service contact person: Mr. Liu
          Phone: 13915579551
          Zip code: 215129
          Email address:webmaster@andajh.com
          Web site:www.ichilissurvey.com

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